Wild Night Out

The Wild Night Out is aimed at anyone wanting to test their camping skills. Weather dependent we will look at a summit camp or low level with either Bivvies or Tents. Camping equipment can be rented with prior arrangement

What Happens:

  • We will meet the morning of the first day to discuss equipment, food, weather, locations and what to expect, Tiso stocks everything you could need that you don’t already have.
  • We will aim to get out as quickly as possible to go through some basic camping knowledge and learn about Scotland’s access.
  • In the morning we will look at some more equipment and then look at walking out from the campsite, via a small adventure.

What We Supply:

  • Qualified guide
  • A great time
  • Breakfast and Dinner

What You Need To Bring:

  • A bag to carry everything
  • Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping mat
  • Stove, Cook-set, Cutlery
  • Lunches and snacks
  • Clothes and spare layers. No Cotton.
  • A full set of Waterproofs

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