Terms and Conditions.


Peaks, Paddles & Pedals is a trading name of Peaks, Paddles & Pedals LLP


  1. Activities:
    1. Bookings are not confirmed until a 20% deposit has been received with full payment due 14 days before the start of your booking date.
    2. We strongly recommend that you take out personal insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances and you can’t attend the course.
    3. We will endeavour to provide your course but if we need to cancel on the grounds of safety, we will try to reschedule with a mutually convenient date within the following three months. If this is not possible then we will refund what you have paid towards the course.
    4. In the event of a cancellation on our behalf for any further unforeseen reasons, we will aim to reschedule for a mutually convenient date within the next three months, if this is not possible then a refund of 100% of payments made to us towards the cost of the course.
    5. Any cancellation must be notified in writing by the person who made the booking. If you cancel your course/trip our terms are below.
      • More than 2 weeks prior to the start of your course/trip, you will only be charged your deposit of 20%
      • 2-1 weeks you will receive 50% of the total cost of your course.
      • 0-1 weeks you will receive 0% of the total cost of your course.
  2. Vouchers:
    1. Vouchers must be paid for in full before delivery.
    2. Vouchers are non-refundable and you will receive no change if redeemed for a course of a lesser value.
    3. Vouchers are only valid for events within 2 years from the date of purchase but must be booked within one year of the date of purchase.
    4. You can book onto an event or private trip up to a year from the day you use the voucher.
    5. Although all vouchers have set values to event prices, they are not limited to those events and can be redeemed against any event or activity for up the value noted.


  1. Participation. Our guides and instructors are qualified by the UK’s National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) for the activities they are leading. All ratios and environments that we operate in are set by the guidelines of the NGB’s. We take every precaution to assess, evaluate & manage the risk in the environment we take you, but clients and participants are reminded that although we assess and manage all the risks, there is always still a risk involved to the participant of injury or death.
  2. Your guide and instructor has a duty of care while under supervision on your course and he/she will advise you of what to do. If you choose not to listen to the advice of your guide/instructor or any advice that is provided before or during your activity then the duty of care has been revoked and your actions and any consequences to you or others around you will be your own responsibility.
  3. Please note that the person who books and reads these terms and conditions has the responsibility to inform the remaining participants of the nature of the activity they are due to undertake and to inform Peaks, Paddles &Pedals of any relevant medical issues which might have an impact on the safety of one or any of the participants during your course. Your instructor/guide/coach will also check this prior to starting your trip/course.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any person or persons from the course if, in the opinion of the course leader/guide they represent a threat to their own health and safety or that of others on the course.

Medical and Wellbeing:

  1. Medical and General Wellbeing. All of our courses require at least a reasonable level of fitness and some courses require a high level of fitness, it is the responsibility of the participants to make sure they are fit enough to take part on the booked course. If the level of fitness required is unclear, please get in touch.
  2. It is imperative if you have any medical issues that might affect your performance during your course that your instructor knows about this, also if you have medication and where you keep it while on activity. This can be done on your medical declaration form.

Photography and Media:

  1. Photography and Media. All pictures and videos recorded during the activity or course that you partake in, remain the property of the guide or instructor. They may be used for marketing purposes by Peaks, Paddles & Pedals and on our social media. If you wish this not to happen, or wish not to have any media recorded, please state so on your final booking form and notify your guide for your trip.

Confidentiality and Data Protection:

  1. Confidentiality and Data Protection. Any information entrusted with us, through medical declarations or legal guardian consent forms, will only be shared with those necessary to maximise your safety.
  2. Any information provided on these forms will only be kept until the end of your booking, unless you subscribe to our marketing. The only exception to this, is if it forms part of the evidence relating to an incident. At which point it will be retained with the incident report under Health and Safety Executive Guidance and General Data Protection Regulations.
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